About Excel:

Excel Videos has been at the forefront of pattern cutting tuition for 23 years and was the first of its kind.  The techniques taught are timeless and invaluable to anyone working with patterns. Taught in an easy-to-understand way by Don Clark based on decades of experience, Excel Videos will give the amateur and professional alike a deeper insight into the techniques required for this industry.  

About Don:

1960 - Don began his working career, little to his knowledge that he would spend the next 50 years in this industry.  He began work as a cutter, cutting fabric from already constructed patterns.  This is where he developed the fascination for how garments were constructed.

1964 - Don began work as an Apprentice Pattern Cutter at a company called London Maid.  This is where Don learned his trade and later went on to develop his own system which is taught on our DVDs.

Throughout his career Don has worked for many different clothing designers and labels , such as:

·         Wallis

·         Ben Delisi

·         Baird Outerwear

·         Viella

·         Four Seasons

·         Cloud Nine

·         Windsmoor

·         Sandra Murray, designer to the queen.


1990 - Don began teaching his trade at evening classes in North London.  These classes were arranged by Don and he taught up to twelve students at a time.  During teaching these classes, Don noticed some students were filming his lessons for future reference.  He decided to create his courses with the purpose of home learning to teach his theories to a mass worldwide audience.

1995 – Excel Video Productions was born.

Excel Video Productions was launched in 1995.  Don was now a pattern cutter with over thirty five years’ experience in fashion.   He realised that many students had little practical knowledge when entering the industry. Consequently, he spent many years passing on his skills, both in the work place and in private tuition. He eventually realised that the video was the ideal medium for passing on these skills. His teaching experience enables him to explain a complicated subject in a simple manner. Don teaches his own adapted system which he perfected over his time in the industry. He explains in detail how a procedure is carried out and also the reasons why.

2000 - Don became a visiting lecturer at Westminster University, Harrow.  This was a planned 5 week residency working in their fashion department.  Don taught to students of varying abilities.

2002 - Don began to work as a visiting lecturer at Central St Martins, London.  He taught a class of up to 17 students twice a week.  This arrangement lasted for 4 years.

2022 - Don is now happily retired in beautiful Hertfordshire, UK, and Excel Videos is under the management of his son, Richard.  His videos - now delivered in USB format - continue to educate and help students across the world.