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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you planning on producing anymore new titles or courses?

No, we are not planning on producing any more courses as Don has now retired from the industry.

Does Don Clark still provide private or university tutoring services?


Don is now enjoying his retirement but has left his legacy within the videos he produced. 

Will I need to purchase your course notes?

Our course comes with notes included as PDF files on the USB. Our course notes were produced to be used in conjunction with the videos. They contain scaled down versions of all the drafts and hold all the vital information shown on the video in written form. 

Do I require a licence to play your videos in a public performance or in a place of work, school, college or university?

Yes, all our videos, course notes and block patterns are protected by international copyright laws. They are intended for personal use only. We do understand that our films provide excellent learning material for students and company employees in the fashion industry, so we have public broadcast licences available. 

Why do you charge a fee for your public broadcast licences?

Vast amounts of time, thought and expense went into producing our products. We as a company are selling the information contained within the various medias which are for sale on this website. We charge a small fee to employers, schools, colleges and universities that wish to show our work to their employees or students. 


I have no experience of pattern cutting at all. Are your courses suitable for me?


Yes, vast amounts of time have been spent making our courses user friendly, each filmed with the beginner in mind. Courses become more advanced as the courses progress.

What are the benefits of learning from a video?

High levels of concentration generally last about 10 minutes.  After that, the brain can miss vital information. With this form of media, it can be viewed in stages and played over again allowing you to return back to any particular points of interest.

What tools and materials will I require?


A ruled set-square, pencil, eraser, metre rule, pattern notchers, tracing wheel, pattern shears, tailor’s dummy or a ready made basic block pattern from our online shop.  Materials required are pattern card, calico material and glue.


I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still make a purchase?

Yes, you can do through Ebay or contact us for direct transfer. 

Can I pay in other currencies?

All payments are processed in Pound Sterling (£). If you are paying by PayPal, credit or debit card, your order will be invoiced using this currency. Please be aware that your credit/debit card company may charge a small conversion fee if you bank outside the UK. Please check with your card provider for details.

How will you send me the video?

Your Excel Videos course will be sent to you via the post on a USB stick.

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